1. counterintuitivecomics:

    MoCCA Arts Fest 2014!  Joyana McDiarmid ( heartsandminis) and Josh Lees ( lickspittlecomics) welcomed me to the Maple Key Comics ( maplekeycomics) table and were the loveliest cuties a girl could hock wares beside. Check out that spread! I forgot to grab a picture of me behind the table so I’ve taken a page out of inkmaggot's book and offer you some photographic proof of my badge!

    I had a blast this time around - not least because I got to meet up with all my comics pals and load up on their comics. We even had a little CCS Class of 2013 reunion under the benevolent gaze of our balloon overlord. As the weekend rolled on, Charlie Brown slowly drifted down to join in on the festivities, finally alighting one foot on a ladder.  So wistful, so wrinkly.  Here’s to comic friends, new and old! <3

    This weekend was awesome!

  2. kickstarter:

    Saying Hi to Kickstarter Creators at MoCCA Arts Fest

    Beneath the watchful eye of a giant floating Charlie Brown, we visited the MoCCA Arts Festival this past weekend and caught up with some fantastic project creators. There were great Kickstarter-funded comics to be found all over the festival — above are just a handful of the creators we saw (and managed to take photos of). Pictured:

    Great seeing everyone — now go back some projects and read some comics!

    Hey, that’s me!

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  3. Got my package from Milk Money! Super stoked. Books by fingerpuppet , dyemondobryan and snakesanddaggers.

  4. maplekeycomics:

    Screen print postcard for our Kickstarter backers!

    Drawn by your truly, Joyana ( heartsandminis ) and I’ll be printing these guys on Friday.

    I’m looking forward to getting covered in ink when I print these bad boys.

  5. laurellynnleake:


    A watercolor portrait I made to celebrate to celebrate my friend Joyana aka heartsandminis for successfully funding the MAPLE KEY COMICS KICKSTARTER! Wooooo hooo! She’s making this comics magazine dream come true for the entire team, and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of it. 

    And maplekeycomics is still going strong - we’re just $165 short of our first stretch goal with 35 hours to spare! Do you want Joyana’s magical maple keys to bring you 250-300 pages of primo indie comics in print or in pdf?  How about getting that amount of comics every other month? If you join in before time’s up you’ll save a bundle on subscriptions AND pick up some fancy rewards, like prints or a commission from ~*~yours truly~*~

    So go go go go to our Kickstarter and watch Joyana’s charming video and learn about our comics and get you some rewards!

    yooooo :D

    My friend Laurel is so sweet! A lovely little surprise.

    Please help me make an awesome comics magazine with contributors like Laurel Lynn Leake by supporting our Kickstarter in its last few hours.


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  6. maplekeycomics:

    New Kickstarter Reward! For $40 you can get the first issue of Maple Key Comics AND a 5”x7” commission by a Maple Key artist. Choose Josh Lees, Joyana McDiarmid, Dan Rinylo, Laurel Lynn Leake or Luke Howard to draw you whatever you want! 

    Your portrait, your parents’ portrait, your pet, your favorite pop star, your favorite character from TV, movies, comics, video games, whatever. YOUR choice!

    These are limited, so get yours today!

    I draw you a picture, in turn you help me Kickstart my dreams!

    Fair deal, yeah?

  7. maplekeycomics:

    Joyana McDiarmid ( heartsandminis ) is not only the head editor/administrator/designer/creator of Maple Key Comics, but is an extremely talented cartoonist as well! Her new work “Hale” will run for the first six issues of Maple Key Comics.

    From "Hale, Part 1"

    McDiarmid earned her MFA in Cartooning from the Center for Cartoon Studies in 2013. Her work up to this point has been characterized by her interest not only in telling poignant, often painful stories about self-destruction and redemption, but also by her background in medical and scientific illustration. “Hale” focuses on an estranged family in the not-too-distant future whose individual problems draw them back together to try and work out what it means to be a family.

    From "Hale, Part 1"

    You can see more of McDiarmid’s stellar work on her website. You can also own the original drawings of either of the two pages above by backing the Maple Key Comics Kickstarter!

    Stay tuned, dear readers, for more creator spotlights and more about Maple Key Comics as our Kickstarter Campaign continues!

    It’s ME!

  8. maplekeycomics:

    One of the great Kickstarter incentives that Maple Key Comics backers can get their hands on for contributing are pieces of original art from any of several of our stellar creators!
    Each one of these pages is a one-of-a-kind piece of comics, generously donated by the artist—available to backers and nowhere else! Probably ever!

    Let’s have a closer look at some of them!

    From "The Surena Grant"

    Above is an image from Jon Chad’s offering, “The Surena Grant.” Jon’s attention to detail in this piece is, as always, INSANE. Check it out in the closeup below:

    One lucky backer who donates $200 or more gets to receive this gem in the post!
    Also available are some originals from the indefatigable Dan Rinylo’s “Mangy Mutt,” which are also totally gorgeous.
    From Dan Rinylo's "Mangy Mutt"

    Rinylo’s inks have such great energy in this piece, which would look great above your mantle.

    You can almost feel the motion of the waves, no?

    Rinylo really kills it with this kind of stuff. And this page, along with print and digital editions of the first three issues of Maple Key Comicscan be yours for backing us for $166 or more!

    Our head editor, chief designer, and general grand poo-bah Joyana McDiarmid is also offering some of her own beautiful pages! Super nice detail on these ones too.From "Hale, Part 1"

    You can see some of the test strokes from McDiarmid’s pen and brush in the margins above. But the detail in her drawing is so amazing! (It’s PR manager Carl ( thulsadude ) writing, by the way.)


    Joyana’s practically giving her pages away.

    Stay tuned for more original pages! Please help out this project on Kickstarter.

    A page of my comic is at the bottom of this post. I’m so happy to be seen with all these other cartoonists. 

    See more and share the love on the Kickstarter!

  9. thulsadude:

    I interviewed heartsandminis (AKA Joyana McDiarmid) about her new bimonthly comics magazine, maplekeycomics, currently in the third week of its kickstarter campaign. Joyana is a real good editor with some great and ambitious ideas for her project! Have a read, won’t you?

    P.S.: I’m the PR manager for Maple Key, so I have a bit of a conflict of interest.

    P.P.S.: The only way to write an article about a Kickstarter Campaign is to reference Motley Crue: http://youtu.be/KQMBz6HvSoM

    You can read all about my hops and dreams for starting a comics magazine and mirco press here.

    And if you want to help me out with those hopes and dreams you please consider backing the Maple Key Comics Kickstarter.

    All the love,


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  10. Inky, inky inking!

    First page from my story in the upcoming Maple Key Comics.